Road26, Phum Wat Bo,

Siem Reap, Siem Reap

Tel:(855)85 330 160

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Our Services Time:

Wednesday - Monday

11.00am - 9.30pm Last sitting

Tuesday : Closed



Palm fruit or young cocount stew with sticky rice and coconut sorbet (v) 3.00$

Miecafe Lime pie 3.50$

Fruit salad (v) 3.00$

Ice cream and Sorbet 1.50$
(vanilla, chocolate, Pistachio, coconut, passion, mango)

Vegan brownie (v) 3.50$

Tomato soup (v) 2.50$
Delicious warm soup with tomato, potato, garlic, onion and fresh herb

Wonton soup 2.50$
Wonton stuff with vegetable and herbs, served with homemade vegetable consume and yellow noodle

Black bean yellow corn soup (v) 2.50$
Creamy black bean and yellow corn soup served cream fresh

Grilled cheese sandwich 3.00$
Toasted whole wheat bread, cheese, mustard, onion jam, tomato, served with side of mixed salad

Brown rice burger 3.50$
Brown rice and vegetable pate, tomato, pickle and special 1000 island sauce, serve with side of mixed salad

Quesadilla 4.00$
Tomato, roasted sesame seaweed, silky tofu, wild herb and mozzarella cheese, served with guacamole on side

Banlle pasta 3.50$
Linguine pasta with tomato mushroom sauce and fresh basil

Soba pad thai (v) 4.00$
Stir fry soba noodle with vegetable, crispy sesame, dried seaweed, peanut and black bean sauce, served on the iron plate

BBQ mushroom sandwich 3.50$
Pulled bbq mushroom, tomato and coleslaw

Spinach wrapped (v) 4.00$
Grilled vegetable, olive, sundried tomato, salad wrap with a spinach tortilla

Oven roasted eggplant with gruyere 3.50$
Giant eggplant crusted with seaweed, tofu, olive oil, sundried tomato, sesame and touch of soya saucea

Banana flower salad with gazpacho (v) 2.50$
Banana flower mixed with fresh herbs, served with cold gazpacho soup

 Vegan eggplant tempura (v) 3.00$

Crispy Ombok (flattened rice flakes) crusted with eggplant cashew cream tempura style with tomato salsa on the side

Mushroom and spinach tart 3.50$

Pie stuff with mushroom, onion, garlic, spinach, cream, sesame and eggs

Soft tofu salad (v) 2.50$

Soft tofu wit green onion, cucumber salad, minced ginger and soba sauce

Warm House salad with vermicelli noodle (v) 2.50$

Cabbage, mushroom, spinach, carrot, cucumber, bean, bell pepper, mint, onion, basil, cilantro with house dressing

Fresh vegetable wrap (v) 2.50$

Rice paper wrap with avocado, bean sprout, carrot, scallions, herbs, cucumber,….. Served with soya sauce dressing


Vegetable Amok (v) 3.50$
Lemongrass past, coconut cream and vegetable. Served with steamed rice

Vegetable curry (v) 3.50$
Homemade curry past, coconut cream and vegetable served with steamed rice

Vegetable Kor Ko (v) 3.50$
Fermented lime pickle, roasted sticky rice, lemongrass stew with vegetable served with steamed rice

Grill tofu with sweet and sour sauce(v) 3.50$
grilled soft tofu, cucumber, coriander top with sweet and sour sauce

Vegetable hot pot (v) 5.00$
Hot soup with vegetable and coconut milk, served in the hot pot